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U-Pack is a company that specializes in long-distance moves. With a nationwide network of service centers, they provide quick deliveries averaging 2-5 business days. To get started, customers can request a free online quote. U-Pack offers a variety of moving services, including equipment moving with trailers or containers. They also provide delivery options such as door delivery or service center delivery. U-Pack guarantees delivery and also offers storage options. Their coverage area includes long-distance moving, cross-country moving, military moving, student moving, job relocation, senior moving, and smaller moves. U-Pack provides moving resources such as articles, packing advice, loading advice, moving labor, and moving videos. They also have customer service available to answer any questions or concerns. U-Pack is a subsidiary of ABF Transportation and operates under their tariff information. They prioritize customer privacy and have a liability statement and privacy policy in place.


U-Pack is a renowned moving company that is highly regarded for its seamless and professional services when it comes to cross-country moves. Customers have shown immense satisfaction with the helpful and responsive team at U-Pack. One customer specifically mentions the company's friendliness and professionalism during phone interactions, as well as their competitive pricing, which was $200 lower compared to other companies. Another notable aspect of U-Pack is their guarantee of the drop-off date for delivering the pod to the new address, providing customers with peace of mind and reliability. The ease of communication and promptness of U-Pack's service, along with their ability to quickly and efficiently resolve minor issues, are greatly appreciated by customers. The company's commitment to delivering items on time and in excellent condition is highly valued. U-Pack's affordability, punctuality, and exceptional customer service make it the preferred choice for those seeking a stress-free and well-timed move. Customers can confidently trust that their belongings will arrive safely and without any disturbance at their new home when they choose U-Pack.

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